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Now more than ever, people are craving beauty products that are better for them, better for their skin and, ultimately, 'good' for them. Well, let us introduce to you the organic, natural skincare range for men and women with all skin types!

The Glow Pot is a brand new beauty brand that is absolutely jam packed with an organic skincare range that not only enhances the skin of their customers, but empowers their customers too.

The goal of the The Glow Pot is to enrich people's skin in the most organic way possible. Some of the key ingredients featured within the range of products include avocado oil, bentonite clay, acai berry and licquorice root- not ingredients you hear featured in your everyday beauty products! These ingredients have all been carefully selected due to their ability to tackle important skin issues that many of us are forced to deal with on a daily basis, including scars, acne, hyperpigmentation and even some of the more severe skin conditions such as dermatitis.

Since their launch in August 2017, The Glow Pot have become one of the most interactive beauty brands online, often providing key beauty and skincare tips, alongside customer stories across their social media platforms, engaging with their target audience in an incredibly effective way. The brand has already received an immense amount of positive feedback from retained customers who have expressed nothing but their love and gratitude for the brand.

Founder of The Glow Pot, 23-year-old entrepreneur Ofome Eyanagho has said she launched her rapidly growing business with the intention of restoring the confidence of both men and women in our "social media" world, whilst simultaneously educating them about the variety of chemical-free products that can naturally enhance their skin. "We wanted to focus on growing our natural brand and our customer base, delivering great customer service and inspiring more people to feel confident in their own skin."

It's quite clear that this is only the beginning for The Glow Pot, a brand that shows a huge amount of promise. With a long-term plan of opening high-street stores and possibly a chain of spas worldwide, we are so excited to see what's next from this incredibly exciting beauty brand!

The full product range includes:

Sweet Orange Lip Balm 10ml £5.00
Cucumber Cleanser 150ml £14.00
Acai and Goji Berry 2 in 1 Microdermabrasion Mask and Scrub £14.00
Black Clay and Liquorice Face Mask £15.00
Vitamin Ace Moisturiser £15.50
The Cleanse and Tone Set (1 X 150ml Orange and Chomomile Aloe Toner and 1 X 150ml Cucumber Cleanser £24.50
The Cleanse, Tone and Moisturiser Set (1 X 150ml Orange and Chomomile Aloe Toner, 1 X 150ml Cucumber Cleanser, 1 x 60ml Vitamin ACE Moisturiser) £39.50

Affordable, great for your skin and with an incredibly diverse range of products, what is not to like about The Glow Pot?

For now though, the focus of the brand is to provide high quality skin care products for all skin types, and to expand their range based on the needs of their customes. This cruelty-free skincare brand is about to take 2018 by storm- so watch out!

For more info, visit The Glow Pot's web page here or check them out on social media, @theglowpot on Twitter and Instagram!

Are you ready to try The Glow Pot? Share your thoughts on thos new brand with us in the comments below!

Words by Florence Grace

Biting the Bullet and Saying Yes to New Opportunities | Lifestyle

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As you grow older and expand your life experiences, you begin to notice more opportunities arising.  

However, sometimes you doubt yourself and your ability. 

This year I began my second college course. I was frightened about commuting daily to college in the city as opposed to studying in my home town but I was glad to bite the bullet- I got to meet amazing new people and I must say I wouldn’t have as much of a laugh if I stayed studying in my local college.

This year has been all about biting the bullet and saying yes. From making the jump from columnist and blogger to the Lifestyle Editor here at Love from..., to going back to the radio for work experience and continuing on with my Monday show, Mosha’s Pit on UCC 98.3FM, with Mosha my co-host. I’ve also accepted the chance to apply for a media internship. 

Now it's all well and good telling you how great it is to bite the bullet and 'just say yes', but none of these would have been in anyway easy for me without the following steps:

1.      Support           
Support, be it from friends or family, is crucial. It makes the first steps of biting the bullet and chasing after a new opportunity so much easier. Your support unit, no matter who they are, will be there for your triumphs and failures and help you to filter the entire process. You can ask them anything and you know you will receive judgement you can trust. They wont be too harsh but they will be harsh enough.They know your tolerance to judgement better than anyone.

2.      Plan
You need a plan. What area do you want to excel in? How are you applying to these opportunities? Where are you finding these opportunities? They don’t fall in your lap most of the time (unfortunately), so make sure you have a plan of action in place to help you make things happen!

3.    Confidence

Have confidence in your work and in your capabilities. It’s all a learning experience. Each time you get declined, take the constructive criticism and use it to make your work even better. Just remember everyone has to start from the bottom to be able to climb to the top.

And last but not least, say yes.

Words by Rebeckah McCarthy, Lifestyle Editor


6 Ways to Have Fun When it's Cold Outside! | Lifestyle

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Christmas is well and truly over but the cold weather, frost and even snow is still lingering! Whilst it can be tempting to just stay curled up in bed all day, that can get pretty boring! Here are some ideas on how to spend your days when the weather is colder!

 Shopping

With the cold weather in winter I find it a great excuse to buy clothes to suit the weather! Each year I go into my local Penney’s (Primark) shop and scavenge the store for the perfect pyjamas, snuggly loungewear and at least three new outfits perfect for winter! With all the post-Christmas offers on who’s to say you can’t treat yourself to something?

 Go for a coffee with friends

The weather we have is too cold to be going to the beach and working on your tan, so instead spend your time in Starbucks or Costa, or maybe even an independent coffee joint, drinking hot chocolate and festive coffees with yur friends. Starbucks gingerbread latte and hot chocolate would be my two favourite drinks to have at this time of year!

 Reading

Each year I read many books by the fire because it is the perfect spot for reading! I love the warmth from the fire and I find it to be very relaxing. This reading time is obviously accompanied with a hot chocolate in a huge mug. Each year I buy a mug that is associated with Christmas. This cup then becomes my hot chocolate cup, and is the perfect drink to have while reading.

 Movie Marathons

With the cold weather outside I make myself a hot water bottle and then spend those cold nights nice and snug in my bed with movies playing on my Netflix. Movies are perfect for this time of year, especially with the short days and long nights. I could spend the whole day watching movies if I didn’t have responsibilities such as work!

 Ice skating

Each year Cork on Ice comes to Mahon Point and I do my best to go each year! I love ice skating because it just reminds me of those animated movies where the characters are skating around on the ice, all elegant and beautiful. Also, we don’t get much snow in Ireland so if skating on fake
ice is as close as I can get to ice- skating I have no issue with it!

 Baking

This time of the year is perfect for baking- there's so many warm, delicious recipes to choose from using seasonal ingredients. From baking gingerbread cookies and shortbread, winter is the perfect time to bake. I also just love the smell of homemade baking too! The best part of baking though is eating the food you make, am I right?!

What do you do when it's freezing outside? 

Words by Laura Devine


Balancing Life | Lifestyle

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To be quite honest, growing up I never felt the need to balance certain aspects of my life. Although, looking back, it would have definitely saved me a lot of time and also prevented me from procrastinating as much as I do. But this year when I started college and my new job, I knew I had to find a way to balance all parts of my life, from college to work to exercising and relaxing. You might be think "oh that’s easy, just make a plan and it will work", but I can make a million plans and just never follow through on them.

To tell the truth, I had fierce trouble the first few weeks of college. Between sorting out my classes, making new friends, working and socialising etc., I was all over the place organisation-wise. I couldn’t tell you what assignments I’d received or done, not to mention the stress of ensuring I’d all my work necessities, such as my uniform, with me. I also began to have an issue with sleep and acne from the stress of it all.

With all of this going on, I knew something had to change.

One day, I got a plain piece of paper and wrote down the things I had to do in general, like college assignments, work hours, work experience and reading. I then began to make a plan on this piece of paper of what necessary things I had do, and when. Finally, I listed the less time consuming things that I chose to do for fun, such as reading or social events, and then built my plans around it. This piece of paper was my holy grail for the next week.

For the entireity of the following week, I carried that piece of paper around in my folder, opening it up and evaluating what I actually achieved that day. I noticed that I was actually completing assignments and I also began to notice that I my stress had reduced significantly and that I wasn’t forgetting things, like my name badge for work or my assignment drafts. Although I knew that I
wasn’t quite satisfied with how my organisation was going, there was certainly a huge improvement.

After analysing my ‘holy grail’, I realised that while yes, I had worked around my timeframe well, I hadn’t planned in any time for the gym or as much relaxation time as I would have liked either. This was due to me overloading myself in the small amount of time I had given myself to complete my college assignments.

I decided that I needed a diary of some sort to plan out my weeks efficiently. I went to town to have a
browse at the planners available. I am quite selective when it comes to certain things such as planners, because I need them contain things I know that I’ll need in my everyday life, with enough space to write everything down! I went to Waterstones first and found Stella Cottrell’s Palgrave Student Planner. As I flicked through the pages I notice that it contained not only week to week plans, but a month page aswell, not to mention personal finances and other useful pages I could make use of. I knew it was the planner for me!

That night I began to fill in deadlines and my work schedule. Then I wrote in other things that I like to do daily into the planner, but this time I had it structured better. Again I carried this planner religiously and actually ticked off the things I had completed that were in the planner. I noticed I was gaining even more sleep from this better structured plan, and that I also began to have spare time on my hands too.

I would recommend anyone who is struggling with balancing different aspects of their life to just sit down and objectify the necessary things in your life and write them down, and then get a second piece of paper or a notebook/planner of some kind and then make a realistic plan of what you’d like to get done in the week. I can guarantee you that this will be a trial and error process, but each time you make a new plan just stick to it as best you can and it will eventually pay off.

Do you have any tips for balancing everything that goes on in day to day life? Leave some ideas in the comments below!

Words by Laura Devine


Those New Year's Resolutions... | Lifestyle

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It’s a new year, which for many of us means it’s time to compile that list of new year’s resolutions
you aim to achieve in 2018. 

For many of us, we end up giving up once it becomes too hard to keep up- particularly if the goal is around quitting something, such as smoking, drinking or junk food. I have given up many new years resolutions over the years because when I slipped up, I felt I had failed, and there was no point trying again. However, this year I’ve decided not to give up and to push through those hard days and complete the resolutions that I have set for myself. 

My main resolutions are:

- To focus more on my health and fitness
- To get back into reading
- To focus more on myself and do more of what makes me happy.

I can tell you I’ve already slipped up with focusing more on my health and fitness! But unlike last year I haven’t focused on the fact that I ate that takeaway or haven’t gone to the gym when I said that I would- instead, I’ve given myself a fresh new start the next day and put that minor slip up in the past, which is something I wouldn’t have done last year. 

I feel as though each year once you 'mess up' and ruin that streak of doing so well, we tend to give up because we view it as a failure, but it isn’t. 

I have decided to begin packing my own lunch for college, to stop me from buying slightly less healthier foods such as chips and curry every day. Each week since new years I have made a weekly plan based around college and work hours so I can plan which day I’m going to attend the gym. This has been successful so far, and I plan to continue with these little changes to my regular life.

For 2018 I have made a reading plan of what books I would like to read in each month of 2018. Being totally honest, it’s going quite well at the moment! I’m currently reading City of Bones by
Cassandra Clare. While reading City of Bones as my main book, I am reading Into the Woods
by John Yorke too, which is also going well. Instead of attempting to read for hours on end a day, I am setting aside at least thirty minutes a night to read. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found it best to read before bed, because I know that when I go to bed I’ve completed all my tasks for the day and can relax for a while before going to sleep. This is a far better way to get ready to go to sleep than sitting on your phone or laptop for 30 minutes too!

I spent much of last year studying for my Leaving Certificate in June and afterwards spent two months searching for a job, only to begin college in September. It’s safe to say there wasn’t much time I spent at home lounging on the couch all day after that! I decided to prioritise myself in 2018. So far, this year I have spent a good few hours watching the tv series Bones, pampered myself with a face mask at home and have also begun to get more hours of sleep each night. I would recommend you all to take some time for yourself, whether its five, ten or fifteen minutes a day, to just set time aside to relax, wind down and just have a break from the general business of life!

New years resolutions tend to put pressure on us all because we feel we must accomplish them, but it’s okay to not achieve them. The fact that we try to incorporate new lifestyle changes allows us to grow. I’d love to know what your new years resolutions are, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Words by Laura Devine


Girl from the North Country- A Review | Entertainment

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Girl from the North Country
Noël Coward Theatre, London
January 12th 2018

Written by Conor McPherson
Directed by Conor McPherson
Music and Lyrics by Bob Dylan

So revered is Bob Dylan that a musical based around his songs may arouse scepticism in fans and critics alike. However, Girl from the North Country, which premiered at London’s Old Vic in July 2017 and is now running at the capital’s quaint Noël Coward Theatre, will leave both more than satisfied.

Aside from the music and title – the latter of which is lifted from a song of the same name on his second album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963) – there is almost nothing to link the play to Dylan. Set in the musician’s birthplace of Duluth, Minnesota in 1934, it tells the story of a struggling guest house landlord, Nick Laine (Ciarán Hinds), and his variously troubled family. His wife Elizabeth (Shirley Henderson) suffers from dementia; his son Gene (Sam Reid), a wannabe writer,
frequents bars but is hardly Hemingway [1] (to whom Nick sarcastically refers early on); his daughter Marianne (Sheila Atim), raised by Nick and Elizabeth after she was left in one of their rooms as a baby, is a young black woman carrying a child for whom no one will take responsibility. Into their already troubled existence enter a cast of characters all themselves ensnared in the pressures wrought by the Great Depression. Each, in their own way, seeks to offer another shelter from the storm. As the play progresses, punctuated with pertinent songs, tensions rise and morals are exchanged, and the audience is witness to a poignant picture of life during the Depression which could very well have been written by John Steinbeck. [2]

Of the music, it should be said that this does not play like a greatest hits of Dylan’s extensive repertoire. True, many fans will surely find some of their favourite songs; but each slots comfortably into the plot, which quite obviously and effortlessly tessellates with the lyrical poetry for which Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016. [3] The sincere joy of this musical experience is that hearing entirely different arrangements of songs with which one is already familiar, leads one to appreciate them – particularly their lyrics – all over again, as if hearing them for the first time. One personal favourite of mine is ‘I Want You’ (Blonde on Blonde, 1966) which, in Dylan’s original recording is a jaunty piece with a catchy chorus and memorable hook; is here slow, haunting, captivating. The rendition I witnessed was breathtaking and the degree of difference between it and the original is matched only by the former’s power. Other songs featured include, among others, ‘Hurricane’ (Desire, 1976), ‘Forever Young’ (Planet Waves, 1974) and, of course, ‘Like a Rolling
Stone’ (Highway 61 Revisited, 1965) – the third being another remarkable performance. [4]

One of the most interesting aspects of the play is the staging of the musicians themselves: they regularly enter and exit the stage, quite casually, almost as if they were themselves wandering musicians who, like countless others in the 1930s, travelled around the country fighting to keep afloat in the face of pulverising poverty. Knowing a little about Bob Dylan from reading the first volume of his memoirs, Chronicles, Volume One (2004), I cannot help but wonder if this is also a nod to Dylan’s own early difficulties in assembling a backing band. Every time he formed one, he recalls, they would be persuaded away by a singer who made the tempting offer of paid gigs – something which Dylan could not do; and so musicians would, on a regular basis, quite literally wander in and out of his life. [5]

Following his recent receipt of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and a classicist’s publication just last year of a book exploring Why Dylan Matters, [6] it is plain that many believe there remains much more to say on the work of Bob Dylan. Girl from the North Country, as a retrospectively spiritual predecessor to, [7] and splendid celebration of, his music, is testament to this sentiment.


[1] An interesting aside is that Ernest Hemingway did a lot more than drink and write
and, in 1935, the year after that during which Girl from the North Country is set,
penned a piece expressing anger at governmental responsibility for the situation
found in Key West, following a devastating hurricane. The dispatch, which he titled
‘Panic’, was published in the left-wing magazine, New Masses, which without his
knowledge, changed the title to ‘Who Murdered the Vets?’ (See Michael Reynolds,
Hemingway: The 1930s, New York & London, W. W. Norton & Company, 1998
[1997], pp. 207-12). His 1937 novel, To Have and Have Not, would subsequently go
on to explore the daily hardships and moral ambiguities brought about by the
inescapable poverty of the Depression.
[2] Shamefully, I have only read Of Mice and Men (1937) and The Pearl (1947); but
elements the former are most definitely evident in Girl from the North Country.
[4] A song list is available on the production’s website, although I would recommend
leaving it to surprise:
[5] Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Volume One (London et al.: Pocket Books, 2005 [2004]),
pp. 42-4.
[6] Richard F. Thomas, Why Dylan Matters (London: William Collins, 2017)
[7] Reading about the play’s origins, we learn on the website that ‘[playwright Conor]
McPherson had a flash of an idea: a play taking place in a guesthouse in Dylan’s own
wintry birthplace of Duluth Minnesota, but set in the Depression-riven early 1930s,
some years before the musician’s birth in 1941. It would ‘free the songs from the
burden of relevance for our generation, and make them timeless.’’

Words by Josh Watts

Fall Back In Love With Instagram | Lifestyle


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, not to mention one of the most popular too. However, over the last year people have been rapidly falling out of love with the platform, mainly due to the fact that the company implemented a ridiculous algorithm that prevents photos from gaining likes, appearing in chronological order on your newsfeed and makes sure that already popular accounts, such as celebrity accounts, always have their content at the top of your feed, even if it’s a few days old.

Whilst users have begged and pleaded for the algorithm to be abolished, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. So how can we make sure we fall back in love with such a brilliant social media platform all over again?

Share the love
Engaging with more of the people you follow means that they are more likely to engage with you! If you like lots of people’s pictures, comment on them and build relationships with the people on your Instagram, they’re likely to pay more attention to your profile and content which means you’ll see a boost  in your own engagement (yay) as well as making more friends from the Instagram community!

Don’t put pressure on yourself
You don’t have to post a day, or at peak times, or even have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Your feed is basically a compilation of segments of your life that you’re happy to share, so post what you want whenever you want to. You’re bound to feel a whole lot happier about posting if you don’t put pressure on yourself to post certain content at specific times.

Take a break if you need to
The thing about social media is that it’s supposed to be fun. If you’re always trying to compete with the people you follow on Instagram, you’re really not going to enjoy it. If the accounts you follow are making you miserable, if you’re stressing about how many likes you are or aren’t getting, take a break- it’s okay to have a breather!

Unfollow people if necessary
You should be engaging with accounts on Instagram that you enjoy. If you’re following an account that makes you feel bad about yourself, your body or any other aspect of your life in any way, don’t feel any shame or regret in unfollowing them. Social media can be incredibly damaging to your mental health and if you find Instagram is having a negative impact on your life, unfollow the toxic accounts and don’t feel bad for doing so!

Do you have any tips for falling back in love with social media? Share yours in the comments below!

Words by Florence Grace

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